10 Wisata Kuliner di Bangkok Thailand Andalan Para Wisatawan

Thailand is not known for its tourist attractions. However, this country, also known as the Land of White Elephants, also has millions of delicacies. For culinary enthusiasts, culinary tours in Bangkok, Thailand are not to be missed.

A variety of delicious nana4d Thai dishes can satisfy your curiosity about this country. So which food should you try when you visit Thailand? This article will discuss this.

10 Food Tours You Must Try in Bangkok Thailand
Come take a look at the food tours you must try!

1. Chatuchak weekend market

Thailand’s number one culinary tourism destination is Chatuchak Market. This place is especially popular among foreign tourists, including Indonesians.

Chatuchak Weekend Market is a street food hub in Bangkok. The food here is delicious and also cheap. As the name suggests, you can eat this dish only on weekends.

2. Saneeya Muslim Food in Thailand

Looking for a culinary tourist destination for Muslims? You can visit Saneeya Islamic food. Pad Thai, tom yum, fried crab etc. There are many typical Thai dishes.

You different Muslims need not be situs toto afraid because everything is halal. Saneeya Muslim Thai Food is actually a small restaurant. But make no mistake: many tourists want to try different menus.

3. Fried Chicken

The next most recommended food tour in Thailand is Dry Polo. At first glance, the fried chicken here looks like any other fried chicken.

But if you taste it, you will definitely feel it. This roadside station has been operating for over 50 years and all the food is still original, making everyone nostalgic. But don’t come to Polo Fried Chicken as it is closed on Tuesdays.

4. Gaggan Anand

Gaggan Anand is suitable for those who want to try the Thai cuisine experience. Gaggan Anand is also actually in Indonesia, but of course the feeling of eating at a good Indonesian restaurant is different than in Bangkok.

You can enjoy a variety of delicious and innovative avant-garde dishes. The price is a little high but worth the experience. Prices range from 4,000 baht or 1,700,000.00 baht.

5. Somtum Der

This culinary tour in Bangkok Thailand is a paradise for papaya salad lovers. There are many delicious and original versions of somtum. The location is also close to Silom, the heart of Bangkok. Come and taste the food, it is guaranteed that you will be addicted!

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